Designing a boutique hotel

What makes a luxury boutique hotel unique from other hotels? Mostly it’s down to style and attention to detail. Style tells the story of a hotel, helping to make it one of a kind. So, how is this achieved? Here are some tips for designing a boutique hotel: 1.Start at check-in The experience needs to […]

A Short History of Lighting

What would the world be like without light? Lighting is one of the biggest requirements of life, but it was hasn’t always like this and used to be quite luxurious. The story began about 400,000 years B.C when man first discovered he could start a fire. Regardless of whether the fire was started by accident […]

Diet and nutrition tips for rugby players

Rugby players, like all athletes, need to ensure their diet and nutrition fully supports their body both on and off the pitch. Here is a look at some simple diet and nutrition tips for rugby players. Image Credit Keep it simple Instead of looking for pseudoscientific answers or following the latest fads, keep things simple. […]