Business essential – websites

The internet has changed the world and continues to exact its influence over almost every aspect of modern life. By now it should be obvious to businesses that in order to successfully establish themselves, a well-designed website is the first step.   Image Credit ‘Well designed’ is the key here, as merely having a website […]

Four Ways to Style a Grey Sweatshirt

Gone are the days where a grey sweatshirt should be just seen in the gym. Now you can wear them with anything from staple joggers to shorts, jeans or formal trousers to create a perfect smart casual look. Image Credit Smart-Casual at the Pub You’re not necessarily trying to impress your mates at the pub […]

Your guide to safe tanning

Many people want to have tanned skin, as they believe it makes them look healthier and thinner. There is something glamorous about tanned skin and we all associated it with holidays and relaxation; however, tanning is not a healthy activity. It exposes the skin to UV rays, which cause premature aging and skin cancer. Read […]