2021 Trends Affecting the Bakery Goods Industry

Baked goods remain one of the essential goods around the world. Through improved production processes, consumers never run out of local and supermarket options. And while buyer demand shifts from time to time due to market trends, bread and pastries are always a staple. The bakery industry continues to have a positive outlook, despite the challenges of the past year. In line with this, here is a closer look at the trends that will impact the industry, which is worth exploring.

The pandemic continues to pose a challenge for bakery manufacturers

Despite most sectors being hopeful about this year, the ongoing pandemic still puts pressure on the economy. Fortunately for bakery businesses, food is essential. Yet, there may lower sales because some high street stores need to limit operations. Bakery ingredients suppliers may also encounter logistical issues. Some of the reasons include decreased manpower and stricter regulations. What’s important is to keep a steady supply and meet consumer demands. Luckily, bakery companies can capitalize on processing orders online. The internet makes transactions contactless and safer for both suppliers and consumers.

Focus on brand identity

Consumers today are more conscious about a brand’s social responsibility. Most millennials and Gen Z consumers look for brands that embody modern values. For example, buyers today expect manufacturers to be more transparent about their processes and what goes on in their products. Concepts such as sustainability, support for local producers, and clean ingredients are only some of the things that impact consumer behavior.

The healthy food revolution

The pandemic has also increased awareness of health and wellness. Consumers today are looking for products made with the best ingredients. When it comes to baked goods, portion control is a health trend. Also, there’s a demand for products that contain high fiber, vitamins, and other inclusions. For example, adding “superfood” ingredients in bakery goods makes them more nutritious.

Dietary restrictions

Like the health food trend, dietary restrictions will impact the bakery industry in a big way. Consumers looking for vegan alternatives and gluten-free bread are only two examples. As more people make their diet a lifestyle choice, there’s an emerging market to cater to the needs of these health-conscious consumers. The Keto diet, for example, continues to remain popular among people who want to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Reduced sugar and high-protein baked goods

Influenced by the health revolution, baked goods are also getting a “low-sugar” makeover. Apart from reducing sugar content, bakery manufacturers are also experimenting with sugar substitutes that are healthier. These formulations also support consumers with special dietary requirements or those that subscribe to paleo or keto diets.

High-protein baked products are another health trend that caters to the wellness-conscious market. The addition of protein-rich ingredients to bread and pastries makes these products more nutritious. High-protein diets are also popular for those looking to lose weight.

Final thoughts

Responding to these food trends will make the bakery industry more competitive. Changing consumer demands dictate the market’s direction, even for basic staples like baked goods. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of innovation and suppliers are constantly looking for the best ingredients to meet these needs.

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