Picnic Must-Haves for an Unforgettable Day in Nature

A picnic is a wonderful way of spending a summer afternoon, whether you’re looking to organize a cute date for your crush and you or a casual gathering with your friends. Be it in a serene local park or on a beach nearby, you need to make sure that you’ve prepared everything you might need to fully enjoy the beauties of nature and the company. If you need a bit of help deciding what you should pack, here are some things that will help you have a relaxed experience.

A basket of snacks

If you want your picnic to look just as aesthetic as the ones from Pinterest do, a basket of snacks is a must. You can get fully equipped picnic sets that come with a basket, cutlery, glasses, and even coolers and waterproof linings so that you can rest assured that all your snacks will be safely transported to the destination. If a basket seems too extra for your taste, you can also find many backpacks that have special compartments to attach the blanket or the water bottle and that can be worn on a daily basis as well. As for snacks, apart from the basic ones that you can find at any store, you can also get a bento cake, since it is meant to be shared between two or four people which makes it perfect for your picnic.

A big blanket

The blanket is quite literally the foundation of your picnic, so make sure to choose a thick and comfortable one made of soft fabrics such as wool. Our ultimate favorites are Irish blankets and throws as they are easy to shop for with a variety of online stores selling various designs since they are made of supersoft merino wool and feature designs that make them both functional and stylish. Merino wool is soft, durable, and waterproof which means that it can be easily cleaned of any spilled drinks. Thanks to its intricate knit design, an Irish blanket is also highly functional, as it can serve not only as a picnic blanket, but also as a throw for your couch in the living room or even a comforter on extra cold nights. Make sure to get an extra large one that would fit all of your friends and the delicious snacks they’ll bring.


A picnic is not just about the food; it’s an opportunity to spend quality time and engage in recreational activities with your loved ones. From board games to musical instruments, there are lots of things you can bring that would make the experience better. You can’t go wrong with outdoor games, especially if you or any of your friends have a dog that they can bring and who would gladly play frisbee with you. A tennis or badminton set can also make excellent additions to your picnic experience and bring some friendly competition as well as a way to engage in sports in a fun way. Lastly, if your friend group values peace and quiet more than running around and playing games, you can also bring books, magazines, or journals so that you can enjoy some relaxing writing or reading sessions.


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