Best Practices for eBay Conversion Rate Optimisation

eBay is always working on new ways to display listings and improve the discoverability of the products that sellers are listing on the site. Just as Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithms, eBay is always tweaking its Best Match Algorithm and making improvements such as allowing sellers to use eBay store design templates to make their listings look better.

The Best Match algorithm was introduced back in 2008 and has evolved over the last several years to become a sophisticated multi-factor algorithm that takes into account not just the title of the product, but also conversion rate (for fixed price items), ending time, item specifics, seller rating, and shipping costs. This makes for a powerful system that puts the best products right in front of the searcher.

Improving Discoverability and Building Trust

Learning how the Best Match algorithm works will help you to save money on your listing fees, while still ranking well. For example, if you use variations for sizing, color and other aspects of your product, you can rank on specific searches while listing only one product and paying a single fee for that. Choosing the right shipping fees will also help improve visibility and CTR on your listings, and make buyers view you in a more positive light.

Listings That Convert

Getting people to open your listing is just the first step. If you want to get a good sell-through rate (eBay’s term for converting a click into a purchase), then you will need clear, descriptive titles, professionally written listings, and a clean looking template. The eBay store design templates by Frootion are a good starting point in that they are fully functional, professional looking, and work well on Desktop and mobile.

It will take a lot of testing and tweaking to get your store exactly the way you want it. Buyers in each niche have their own preferences for what makes a good listing. Some may demand detailed technical specifications. Others may want more wordy listings or favor lots of photographs. Work out what your buyers want, and provide them with more of that, and less filler in your listings. This is how you can build trust and develop a reputation as a seller that they will come back to time and time again.

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