Perfecting the wartime lock with 1940s wedding hair

Submitted by on Jul 17, 2019

 Wartime fashions have earned their place in the history books for being the perfect combination of style, glamour, and vintage sophistication. Many brides have opted for wartime styles, which offer a classic yet slightly retro look perfect for a special day.

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There has been a rise in retro fashions and everything vintage; therefore, it is only natural that wartime hairdos have become a sought-after option for the stylish bride. Many of the styles are easy to recreate and here we look at some that are perfect for walking down the aisle and dancing the night away.

Wartime style

During the war when a lot of the gents had been called away to get Tank Driving Experience whilst fighting which was not fun,  the ladies back home kept their hair generally at shoulder length. Some kept theirs above the shoulder; however, there were some ladies who left it longer.  These days you can go out with your mates and enjoy driving tanks with companies like armourgeddon.

Most haircuts featured several layers, as these were essential in creating the hairstyles of the era. Partings were usually off to one side and regardless of what style was chosen, the emphasis was on femininity.

Fringes were also a popular wartime style, with a soft, face-framing style perfectly complemented by a thin or thick fringe.

Waves and curls

For wartime wedding day inspiration, Rita Hayworth is an excellent role model. Her classic updo with curls on top and a softly-waved fringe is vintage at its best.

This look can be dressed up with sparkly accessories and is ideal for attaching a veil or topping with a tiara. If you choose a professional they will ensure your hair gets the right amount of attention and that your crowning glory really is shown off properly.

Wartime rolls

For a more retro look, rolls are a wonderful wedding option, adding a touch of glamour that is still rather fun. The best thing about rolls is that they are incredibly versatile and can be tight or loose, sit atop the head or to the side, or even along the back of the head.

Backcombing is often used to accentuate a roll and to create volume, with Veronica Lake a wonderful example of an actress who wore rolls with style.

Victory rolls, pompadour styles, tight curls, and loose glamorous waves all have their roots in wartime fashions, and recreating these looks for your wedding day will see you add an extra element of vintage glamour.