Which wools are used in woolen jumpers?

Wool is not just the fibre from a sheep, it can also be made from other animals, such as goats and even llamas. The coat of these animals is sheared off and then it regrows, but do you know what your favorite wool is made from and where it comes from? Here is a brief guide.

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Irish wool

If your favorite sweater is made from Irish wool, it will be made from wool from Irish sheep. This fibre can be quite a course and so some people may find it a little itchy.
This is why many Merino wool Irish sweater styles, for example, are now knitted using soften wool, such as Merino wool.

Merino wool

If you have a favorite women’s Merino wool Irish sweater, it will be made from the fibres of Merino sheep. If you want to find a womens Merino wool Irish sweater here on the internet, it is super-easy thanks to the reach of the world wide web, but Merino sheep actually come from New Zealand.

These sheep are some of the toughest on the planet, and there are many benefits to the fibre. This is why it is so popular when it comes to women’s Merino wool Irish sweater design.

One of the major attractions is that this fabric is made for extreme weather, meaning that it is insulating and warm for the winter and yet is also breathable enough to enjoy in warmer weather.

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Merino wool, as mentioned previously is also known for its softness, making it a cozy and comfortable choice. It is now popular for all sorts of different garments, from traditional Aran jumpers to surfwear, as described at https://www.bbc.com/programmes/p05xdv5b.

Another benefit of Merino wool is that it is elastic. This makes it easy to shape your own body but then return to its original shape. It is also absorbent, meaning that it will wick away moisture vapour and minimize the chances of odours.

Cashmere and Merino wool blend

Cashmere on its own can be very expensive and this mix of cashmere and Merino is becoming increasingly popular. The addition of the Merino wool reduces the cost of garments that are made from it, making cashmere more accessible, and also ensures the clothes are easier to wash and longer lasting overall.

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