Can having regular sex delay the menopause?

Researchers in a recently published study have found that women who engage in regular sexual intercourse can delay the onset of menopause. The study found that women who engaged in sexual activity at least once a week were less likely to experience menopause at an earlier age.

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Menopause occurs in women who have stopped ovulating, and the latest research suggests that women who stop having sexual intercourse can trigger the ovulation process to stop. However, if women engage in regular sexual intercourse, this could trick the body into continuing ovulating and prolong the start of the menopause. Women who are pre and post-menopausal can experience many differing symptoms that may result in them not having sexual intercourse and thus causing menopause to come earlier.

How premenopausal and postmenopausal women’s sex drives are affected

As women become older, they may begin to lose their sex drive and this can be contributed to a reduction in the hormones oestrogen and testosterone, making them less sensitive to touch and harder to get aroused. A reduction in oestrogen can also cause dryness in the woman. However, there are many products such as lubrication and hormone replacement that can help women maintain their sex drives and thus can contribute to studies findings that women who engage in more sexual intercourse can help reduce the onset of menopause at an earlier age.

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Precautions to take when engaging in sexual intercourse

It is a common myth that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are only prevalent in younger people, however, research has shown that STIs are on the increase with older women, but many older women feel embarrassed when seeking help for STIs. An older woman living in London home STI kits can be obtained from Further information regarding STIs, including prevention, can also be discussed with your GP.

Although the research is useful for scientists investigating the biology of the menopause and how lifestyles can affect a woman entering menopause, it is important to note that women having sex more frequently could ultimately change the time a woman enters menopause. Women should not be under pressure to have sexual intercourse to delay the onset of their menopause but should engage in sexual intercourse for the many physical, emotional and mental benefits that stem from having sexual intercourse.

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