Business essential – websites

The internet has changed the world and continues to exact its influence over almost every aspect of modern life. By now it should be obvious to businesses that in order to successfully establish themselves, a well-designed website is the first step.


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‘Well designed’ is the key here, as merely having a website of any kind is not enough to ensure sales growth and improved customer engagement; in fact, a sub-par site can actually damage a firm’s reputation rather than improve its position in the market. Care must therefore be taken to get the website right.

Get in Google’s good books

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a nuanced skill that businesses must develop a knack for handling, either in house or by outsourcing their efforts to a firm that can offer the expertise to help clients achieve a good Google ranking. It is impossible to ignore the importance of Google, which still holds 88% of the search market in the UK.

The foundations of a well-optimised website must be responsive and flexible, as more people are searching from their smartphones and tablets than ever before. Even Bing has followed Google by making mobile-friendliness a ranking signal.  You need to make sure that you have a great logo and business ethos which is why a Branding Agency Really Helpful Marketing

Keep customers in mind

The design of your site and the content you fill it with will determine how effective it is as a marketing tool for your business. If you get the balance between an intuitive interface and concise copy right, sales growth should follow. If you are seeking business web designer in Cardiff, or in any other part of the country, be sure to make this issue a priority during the design process.

Getting in touch with a specialist agency is often the best way for smaller businesses to meet expectations when it comes to web design, and organisations such as Netcentrics Cardiff a Web design agency are ready to help companies of all sizes to achieve their online aims.

You must also accept that websites are not separate islands but are part of an entire archipelago of interconnected sites and services, with social media being the element that helps to bridge the gaps almost as much as search in the modern market.

Integrating social media capabilities with a website is a good idea if you want to make content more shareable and accessible to modern users.

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