Building Survey – An Overview

A Building Survey is the detailed examination and evaluation of the commercial property and its services in enough depth so as to enable a qualified surveyor to suggest what effect the state of the property shall have upon an owner/customer. This helps the owner/customer to make the correct decisions regarding the repair/repairs, extension, or even abandonment of a commercial property. It also assists with the preparation of an exit strategy, the negotiation of purchase and leasing agreements, and most importantly it gives you peace of mind. It will be conducted by a Building Survey Manchester company such as Sam Conveyancing who knows the kinds of things they are looking for in a building.

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The purpose of a building survey is to discover any structural problems existing within the contents of the report so as to assist the owner/manager in taking corrective action before the situation reaches critical stages. It is therefore essential that a qualified Surveyor is selected before commencing work on a Commercial Property. A qualified surveyor will carry out the Survey in such a manner that he/she ascertains the status of the building from all practical views i.e. both inside and outside.

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There are two main types of Building Surveys that are generally used by Home Buyers, a structural survey and a pest/hazard survey. In the case of a structural survey, a qualified Surveyor will be required to identify all defects that exist within the building and also assess the strength and stability of the structure i.e. the roofing, the wall framing, the plumbing, electrical work, etc. Once identified, these defects need to be repaired or removed prior to the commencement of occupancy of the Premises.

The other type of Building Surveys is for assessing the condition of the building from a top perspective i.e. from the ground level. For this purpose, the Surveyor may require access to the underground chambers of the building or may need permission from the local planning authority. A few structural surveys also include an examination of pre-cast and permanent outbuildings such as garages, storage sheds, workshops, storage areas, and exterior walls.

The Building Surveyor performs a very important role in determining the cost-effectiveness of any Project. This is because most Projects include a large number of variable aspects which need to be investigated. A typical building survey report consists of two sections, the first of which details the vertical height of the structure, followed by a description of any alterations that have been made to the structure during the construction process. Generally, most surveys allow for the comparison of one Surveyor’s findings with another Surveyor’s findings.

Many companies offer Building Survey services and it is advisable to use only the best surveyors. A lot of companies that offer surveys also provide free quotations on their products so that interested clients can compare the offers and choose the best provider according to their requirements. One must always ensure that the company providing Building Surveys is licensed and accredited to carry out such surveys so that they are capable of providing reliable results and accurate data. All the best building surveyors will be able to give you valuable and accurate information about your buildings which will help you make the right decisions regarding any changes to your buildings or structures.


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