Improving your goal scoring abilities

He shoots, he scores! The players who find the back of the net on a regular basis tend to grab the headlines and the awards as well as the praise from the rest of their team. So if you want to make your mark in the football sphere, then learning how to score more goals could be the way forwards.

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Shooting Stars

The majority of goals come from shots. To improve your goals-to-shots ratio, it is important that you are able to shoot with both feet. Being able to do this opens up numerous extra scoring angles and opportunities. Many of the greatest goal-scorers of the past were able to dispatch accurate shots with both feet. This is a skill that takes time to practice and will require you to spend time in training on using both your feet equally. Most players find that they natural favour one foot over the other.

Being able to shoot the first time or with minimal touches is important, as it reduces the time that the opposition has to react. This increases the chances of scoring, as there is no time for a tackle/block to be made and less time for the goalkeeper to react.

Ensuring you have the correct footwear is incredibly important if you play in a position where you are regularly going to be taking shots at the goal. If you are in charge of sourcing and/or buying the Discount Football Kits for a local team, why not take a look at the website of a kit specialist such as today to see what options are available?

To Think or Not to Think?

Scoring goals requires an interesting balance of thinking ahead and being aware of but also being instinctive. Awareness of your position, anticipating a pass and knowing where the goal is are all crucial parts of a goal scorer’s make-up. When the ball lands at your feet, you should already know what you intend to do. However, sometimes you need the instinct to just ‘do’ rather than thinking about all the possible options, as over-thinking will reduce your conversion rate.

So what are the different ways of scoring? And how can you improve your scoring skills?

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Reflexes and Reactions

An increasingly high number of goals are being scored from rebounds or instinctive reflex finishes. Work on improvised finishes, diving headers, volleys, and overhead kicks, and on being the first to the loose ball.

On Your Head Be It

Increasing your heading prowess through practice and jumping exercises or drills should see an increase in your total goals scored. Skipping is a great fitness regime to undertake if you are going to be in a position to take a lot of headers.

Beat the Offside-Trap

Learn how to use short bursts of speed and how to shape and time your runs to beat the opposition’s offside-trap, thus giving yourself more one-on-one opportunities against the goalkeeper.

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