The Party Bus Anatomy

As more people seek out unique venues for their celebrations, party buses are becoming a common sight on our streets. From the original concept of a shuttle for getting from one venue to another, the party bus has come a long way in a relatively short time and is now a luxury event space.  Of course if you own a bus you will need to think about fuel cost, mechanical malfunctions and where to store it.  If your lucky enough to have a large enough shack to store the bus you could get garage shelving installed sourced from sites like and put your party accessories on them ready for the next time you hire it out.

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Initially only seen in larger cities, it is now possible to hire a party bus anywhere and the Home Counties too, but have you ever wondered what it takes to transform the humble omnibus into a glamorous party setting? From low budget DIY jobs such as this one to professionally customized luxury buses, there seems to be no limit to what can be achieved.

Although legally, party buses are considered public service vehicles as defined in the Public Service Vehicle Operator Licensing guide, as long as all licensing requirements are met, the transformation can begin.

Space Configuration

Most traditional coaches have forward-facing seats, with the occasional model featuring backward seats also. Obviously, when designing a party venue, this arrangement, would not be conducive to socializing. Buses have side-facing seats which result in a much more intimate and social atmosphere.

Audio Visual Equipment

A far cry from the standard bus PA systems, present-day party buses can now be fitted out with impressive surround sound systems to rival any nightclub. Big screen televisions, fiber optic and mood lighting, cameras and iPod connections can all be included to complete the experience.

Comfort and Luxury

With many party buses now designed to be occupied for longer periods of time rather than as mere modes of transport, keeping guests comfortable is even more important. Dual air conditioning compressors, extra doors, heated leather upholstery, and tinted privacy glass windows are all optional upgrades that can be added.


Finally, of course, no party is complete without refreshments! Onboard fridges and ice buckets and even fully stocked bars can all be added to the bus to ensure that guests are well and truly lubricated whilst on board.

So next time you see a party bus, take a moment to think of its humble origins and all of the imagination and creativity that has gone into completing its transformation into the luxury party venue before you!

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