Beautiful Brides and Grooms get Snapped

It must be every couple’s wish to look as relaxed, happy and captivating as they can on their wedding day. With numerous wedding photographers to explore and many album styles to choose from, it can be quite a daunting prospect. Thinking about the theme and the style of images that best suit not only the day but your personalities, can become a mind-blowing experience.

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There are the guests and their companions to consider; how are they going to compliment the bride and groom in the pictures; how is the photographer going to make future mothers-in-law look amazing in those hats without exploiting long or soft-focus lenses and filters? And how are they going to provide a lasting, distinctive memory for the couple to be?

A new perspective: The wedding photographer’s vocation.

The wedding photographer must have one of the most enjoyable and enviable occupations out there. It is he or she that can capture the essence of the day and turn it into a lasting memory. One to be shared cherished and enjoyed forever.

The Guardian reports there is a fresh generation of wedding photographers taking their careers to new limits. Providing a unique bespoke service to the bride and groom seems to be the on-trend career move for the wedding photographer. Some photographers are even going so far as to join the couple on the Honeymoon, creating a reportage style album, capturing some memorable personal moments.

Shoot Me Now: The engagement album

The wedding photographer has the power to depict your day just as you wish it to be. But wedding albums are not just about the big day. There are many photographers who are now capturing the momentous occasion long before the happy couple has said: “I do”. Many joyous couples are now saying “we do”, to an engagement album.

An engagement album can capture the spirit of the couple in the setting of their choice. Many are choosing to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of preparations for the big day, obtaining images that are truly natural and relaxed. If you are looking for a stunning backdrop for your wedding canvas, then the beautiful landscapes will no doubt whet your appetite. Photographers can utilize the stunning surroundings of the location you have chosen for instance a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester way found at sites including striking 18th-century watermill, to produce exceptional images.

According to GQ, no one likes photos that are staged, and they suggest the wedding photographer shoots 95% of the images as candid and natural. Couples are far more likely to frame and display pictures that feel unplanned.

Just like the wedding vows the pair pledge to each other, a wedding photographer declares his or her promise to portray the couple and the event in all of its incarnations. From the most formal to the relaxed and even the hilarious happenings that are occurring out of sight of the gathering. Providing the couple with a unique and lasting record of all that they may have missed in the bustle of the big day must surely be at the pinnacle of the photographer’s objectives.

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