Best ways to support your back whilst working from home

Many of us have changed the ways in which we work to help cope with the pandemic that has swept across the globe. In all countries, people are finding ways in which they can work from home and businesses are looking at the ways in which they can support their employees to be able to do this.

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There are many stresses and strains that can appear from working from home as well as some great benefits. One of the issues that can arise is problems occurring with posture and employees’ backs from sitting for long periods of time at tables that aren’t designed to be worked on as desks. There are some ways in which these issues can be overcome.

The first is to ensure that you give your employees a desk that is suitable for them to work from or point them in the direction of a company that can provide one for them. Next-Day delivery desks like the ones you can find when you Click here are a great way to ensure that all your employees are sitting comfortably at a desk that is going to support their posture and ensure that they work both effectively and safely. You can also consult companies like the one given in the link above to provide you with desk chairs that will further support the way that your employees sit and protect their backs, neck, and shoulder areas from strain and damage that can occur by sitting incorrectly.

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The second is taking breaks. It is well known that people who work from home work harder than those in office spaces and it is for this reason that you will often find that home workers do not take the breaks that they are entitled to or that impacts their physical and mental wellbeing. You should ensure that you speak with your staff to make sure that they are factoring in breaks in their daily schedule. You can also monitor this by using time tracking software that will allow your staff members to record the work that they do and also the breaks that they take.

The third is highlighting the importance of exercise. Why not offer your employees a yoga class online once a week as a part of your employee benefits and also to help with any knots and tension that might appear from sitting for long periods of time. You may find that not everyone signs up for this but make sure that you encourage them to take periods of activity during the day to counteract the sitting periods is what every good business leader should be doing as we navigate this new way of working.

There are many more things that you can do to help support people whilst they work from home and the key is communication and checking on how they are doing, not only in terms of their workload but also how they are coping with the adjustment.

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