How to get creative with laminate flooring in Residential Park Homes

If you like lamination, you will be interested to know that it can be used in so many creative applications. Here are some super ideas on how to apply it in some unconventional ways in Residential Park Homes such as those managed by

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Combine colors

By laying the planks parallel and perpendicular to the wall, you can get a completely different look when using different complementary shades. Ask your supplier for advice on creating this casual look by matching the shades or adding a color that will highlight your furniture.

Vary the lengths

A less formal effect can be achieved by cutting your planks into random sizes and laying them in traditional straight lines. Please don’t try saving on parquet flooring by using this technique. Parquet requires that every plank is exactly the same as the others. You might be able to cut down on the price by investing in some more reasonably priced, click system laminate that doesn’t look dissimilar to parquet as suggested on

Create patterns at an angle

Try laying the planks at a 45-degree angle to the wall and make sure that you neatly shape the edges that go against the wall. Although the planks are lightweight, you might want to call in a favor from a friend who knows their way around tools.

If you’re feeling a bit more confident you might want to try laying the planks in a herringbone pattern. This pattern is a lot more challenging but the effect is really worth the effort. If you need a bit of inspiration, do some online research and you will find amazing colors and textures available from a variety of stockists.

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Create a feature wall

Who said laminate flooring is exclusively for the floor. With a little bit of thought, you can create amazing laminate wall features. Play around with the layout, vertical and horizontal, and consider leaving gaps through which the wall or carefully placed lighting can come through. Besides highlighting the area around your fireplace, vertical lamination along the walls or around pillars can breathe new life into a tired looking space.

Look up

Cover the ceiling with laminate planks to create an old school effect. Although this application might be hard on your back and shoulder, you will be very pleased with the outcome. Keep your walls matt and fairly bare if you want a more contemporary look.

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