The Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Van

The van market in the UK has never been healthier, with LCV sales being fuelled by the improving economy, the rise in online shopping and various other factors.

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2016 saw van registrations hit record levels, in part as a result of favorable finance deals being available to buyers. With that in mind, here are the top reasons to upgrade your van rather than sticking with your existing model.


Simply put, a new van makes your organization look more professional and reliable, whereas an old banger is likely to put off prospective customers. So to win over clients and make a good impression, upgrading is a good route to take.


While a second-hand van may seem cheaper than a new equivalent, improvements in engine technology mean that this is often a false economy. Efficiency is increasing on an annual basis, and a new van will require fewer trips to the petrol station than an older LCV, helping to offset the upfront expense.

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An aging van can be a burden when it needs regular repairs to keep running. Meanwhile, a new model should tick over consistently for thousands of miles and mean that there are no unplanned breakdowns to get in the way of your day-to-day operations.

To keep it looking and feeling brand new keeping it safe and out of sight is a good idea.  If you have a driveway or garage to store your van then do so.  If your garage needs repairs before doing this try businesses like Garage Door Repair.


Upgrading to a new van will give you a blank canvas in terms of the features and functions that are available, whether you are looking for minor interior tweaks or entirely unique body types. You can even buy ply lining which will protect your van’s cargo area from damage and make it look good as well.


When you sell your current van to buy or lease a new model, the cash you get from the sale can be used for almost anything you want, whether that might is to purchase new equipment or to spend on other areas of your business. Like any kind of vehicle, a van depreciates in value over time, so the longer you hang on to it the less you can recoup when the time to upgrade arrives.

Upgrading your van will unlock a host of other benefits, from inclusive servicing and insurance costs to a smoother driving experience. Check your options carefully and you could make a positive decision for your business.

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