3 reasons you need a content marketing strategy

Content marketing – comprising of infographics, videos, blog posts, imagery and other forms of content – is a strategy used by over three quarters of marketers across a range of industries.

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As well as being proven to be one of the most effective methods of communicating your message directly to your target audience, here are three more reasons for establishing a thorough content marketing strategy for your business.

Content Marketing is an Effective Alternative to Paid Advertising

Consumers don’t want to feel they’re being sold to, which is why they are ignoring paid for advertising in increasing numbers. Rather than being bombarded with advertisements when casually browsing the internet, consumers would much rather engage with brands in a meaningful way. The rise of social media should give you some idea of what to aim for. Many successful brands quickly began to update their social feeds constantly, engaging with their customers, answering questions and providing advice. Your approach to content marketing should be similar, with a core aim to create interesting, relevant and meaningful content that your customers will find engaging, to build up a level of trust between you.

As this Forbes article explains, you should seek to provide valuable content that your audience want to consume.

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Content Marketing Will Boost Your SEO

As every high-quality agency specialising in SEO services in London will tell you, ranking well in search engine results is important for every business. Consistently publishing interesting content with naturally included keywords to your website and creating engaging videos that are easy and appealing to watch can help your rankings, boost your page views and increase your reach. When choosing an SEO agency to assist with your optimisation and content marketing efforts, you should look for a comprehensive range of services, such as the ones that can be found at elevateuk.com, and a professional team with a wide set of skills.

Content Marketing isn’t Just Another Short-Term Solution

Whereas the benefits of paid advertising end as soon as a particular campaign does, content marketing, especially evergreen content that will continue to be relevant despite the passage of time, should be one of your key long-term strategies for increasing the visibility of your website. Focus on the creation of quality content, and with correct implementation of key SEO techniques, you should soon begin to see positive results.


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